About Seaweed Fertilizer


The role of seaweed fertilizer:

1.Improve fertilizer utilization and increase yield

Organic fertilizers with lignin as the main raw material can improve the utilization rate of nitrogen by 10-15%, and improve the utilization rate of phosphorus by 50-70% in the season by activating the fixed phosphorus in the soil.

2.Nutrition is efficient, fertilizer effect is lasting, apply extensively

In addition to containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter, but also contains sugar, amino acids and growth factors and other plant growth required by a variety of efficient and easy to absorb life elements, non-toxic and harmless.

3.Ameliorate soil, prevent soil productivity to decline

It can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, effectively improve soil permeability, adsorb and degrade soil harmful substances, and reduce the accumulation of soil toxic substances.