Main technical specifications:

Odor: smell of seaweed

PH: 5.5

Alginate content (seaweed oligosaccharide) ≥ 3%

Organic matter: ≥ 10%

Betaine (aminobutyric acid, acetylcholine) ≥ 10ppm

Mannitol ≥ 1.8%

Zeatin ≥ 6 ppm

Gibberellin ≥ 0.2 ppm

Kelp polyphenols ≥ 4 ppm

Cytokinin ≥ 3 ppm

Cytokinin ≥ 60ppm

Indoleacetic acid ≥ 0.9 ppm

Main features:

 Pure biological enzymolysis process, without any acid and alkali addition; seaweed original active substances are well preserved; plant endogenous hormone is balanced, with dual effects of fertilizer and hormone.

Usage method:

Drip or wash application: 2-4kg / 660 m2;Leaf spray: 800-1200 times diluted


1. Promote cell division and stimulate growth.

2. Promote root development

3. Enhance cold resistance, cold resistance and disease resistance.

4. Promote flower bud differentiation, reduce the size of fruit.

5. Increase photosynthesis and increase young fruit size

6. Delaying crop senescence and prolonging harvest period.

Package:25L plastic bucket

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