Introduction to Trichloroiscyanuric Acid(TCCA)

Trichloroiscyanuric Acid(TCCA) functions as disinfectant, algaecide and bactericide mainly for swimming pools and spas, and bleaching agent in the textile industries. It is widely used in civil sanitation preventing and curing diseases in husbandry and fisheries, fruits and vegetables preservation, wastewater treatment, algicide for recycling water of industry and air conditioning, anti shrink treatment for woolen, treating seeds bleaching fabrics, and organic synthesis.


 Trichloroisocyanuric acid is a kind of chloroisocyanuric acid compounds, and it is an important bleach, chlorinator and disinfectant. Compared with traditional Chlorinators (such as liquid chlorine, bleach powder and bleach powder), it has the characteristics of high effective chlorine content, stable storage and transportation, convenient forming and using, high sterilization 

and bleaching power, long time of effective chlorine release in water, safety and non-toxic, etc. Therefore, its development and research have been paid attention by various countries. 


25kg woven plastic bag lined with double plastic bags. One-ton plastic bag. 50kg fiber drums 10kg plastic pail 50kg plastic drums. or packing according to buyer's demand.


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