ClO2 2g tablet   test parameters
Appearance:White Tablet
Available chlorine: 10%min 
pH(1%solution): 5.5-7
heavy metal(Pb,As)10ppm max

Hypochlorite Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablets Antibacterial Clo2

1.Chlorine can be used on swimming.pool and drinking water treatment ,clean the industrial circulating water.

2.Chlorine can sterilize tableware,and be used as preventive disinfection of house,hotel,hospital public place.

3.Chlorine can be used on the environmental sterilization of raising fish ,silkworm,livestock,poultry,and so on.

4.Chlorine can be used to bleach the textile,to prevent wool from shrinkage ,to stop eating paper by moth,and 

act as rubber chlorination.

Handling agitation of product should be minimized to prevent the evolution of chlorine 

dioxide gas into the breathing zones of workers. 

Eye Protection 

Wear safety glasses in compliance with OSHA regulations. (Consult your safety 


Skin Protection 

Wear resistant gloves such as: neoprene to prevent skin contact, wear impervious clothing 

and boots. Other protective equipment: eyewash station, emergency shower. 

Respiratory Protection 

Exposures in the workplace should be monitored to determine if worker exposure exceeds 

the facility specified exposure “action level” or the use of the product produces adverse 

health effects or symptoms of exposure. Only a NIOSH-approved respirator is to be used. 

Monitoring results must be used to assess the proper level or respiratory protection 

necessary. Proper engineering and/or administrative controls should be used to reduce 

worker exposure. The facility’s respiratory protection program must meet the requirements 

established in 29 CFR 1910.134, which includes a program for medical evaluation. 

Engineering Controls 

Provide sufficient mechanical (general and/or local exhaust) ventilation to maintain 

exposure below level of overexposure.

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